63 Best Industry Positions For Degree Holders

63 Best Industry Positions For Degree Holders

Learn how to find the right fit position for you and your career goals.

  • Get access to the new 63 industry career map and color-coded wall poster.
  • Read detailed job descriptions of the 63 most popular industry positions.
  • ​See the results of a survey given to 2,108 degree holders in industry asking, Which characteristics are most important to you?
  • Understand the 5 major career tracks and 6 minor sub-tracks available to degree holders.
  • Learn the 12 qualities of each job title and how to decide which qualities are most important to you.

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Reverse-Engineer Your Job Search

Find a job you’re guaranteed to love by searching for one that aligns with your lifestyle and interests

Compare Job Benefits At A Glance

Use a color-coded career map to see important features of different career tracks side by side

Understand Which Careers Are Best For Your Degree

Discover which degrees and what disciplines are most likely to thrive in each industry – and why

Learn The Lexicon Of Industry

Study the language of industry used in each career track, and see how you can use it to translate your academic experience for industry hiring managers

Who This Book Is For

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"What can I do with my degree?"

Those who are interested in transitioning into an industry career but don’t know what jobs they’re qualified for.

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"Is this career the best possible fit for me?"

Job seekers pursuing an industry career who aren’t 100% decided on what they want to do or why.

Table Of Contents


Which industry job is right for you?


Information Aggregation & Patents Career Track


Sales and Marketing Career Track


Research and Development Career Track


Clinical and Medical Affairs Career Track


Business, Finance & Policy Career Track

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