Complete LinkedIn Guide For Degree Holders

Complete LinkedIn Guide For Degree Holders

Learn the latest LinkedIn tips & strategies to get degree holders hired into top industry careers.

  • Create a professional brand to showcase your LinkedIn profile.
  • Learn how to increase your LinkedIn visibility to employers.
  • Focus on keywords that will attract recruiters to you from LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • ​Learn how to create a conversational hook that will drive referrals.
  • Increase your connections to 500+ and improve your SSI score.

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Book Contents

See Your Profile Through An Employer’s Eyes

Discover what employers are really looking for in a candidate, and exactly how recruiters find you using LinkedIn Recruiter

Keywords Are Essential – Not Optional – On Your LinkedIn Profile

Find out how to find the keywords that matter to recruiters in your target industry position, and why this is so important

What The Perfect Profile Page Looks Like

See examples of what to include in each section of your profile – and learn why it matters what goes where

Make LinkedIn Work For You

Use your professional network to find and land the job you really want

Who This Book Is For

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“What is the point of networking?”

Degree holders with no industry experience who want to learn how to maximize their resources on LinkedIn and cut their job search time in half

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“Does my LinkedIn profile need work?”

Degree holders with or without a current LinkedIn profile who aren’t sure what information is important to include to make themselves more visible to employers

Table Of Contents


Think Of Your LinkedIn Profile From The Employer’s Point Of View


Use Keywords Throughout Your Profile To Increase Your Noticeability


Focus On A Professional Visual Center


Create A Conversational Yet Targeted Summary


Pay Attention To Your Experience Section


Work On Your Endorsements And Recommendations


Fill All Sections Of You Linkedin Profile


Send Personal And Targeted Connection Requests


Increase Your Activity To Get Noticed

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