We Fight For Degree Holders And Their Careers

We Fight For Degree Holders And Their Careers

We have helped and are helping thousands of Degree Holders transition into their first or next industry career. Our members develop their careers knowledge for life.

Christine Lo Bue-Estes

Medical Communications - NBA

“Aside from all the technical pieces, the camaraderie, I really had an excellent time at the symposium that I was in Florida, that was super helpful…having a community that takes a part in your wins and also helps you pick yourself up and dusts yourself off when you don’t get those wins and that you’re not alone.”

Andrii Repula

Technical Support Engineer - Lumencor, Inc.

I’m excited to share that i am starting my new job as a technical support engineer at lumencor, inc.
the ultimate goal is to grow potatoes on mars by 2050 and make other advances for mankind.

Huey Wen Lee

Creative Medical Communications - Wenworth Scientific

A new chapter begins! I’m thrilled to launch Wenwirth Scientific, where sincere meets creativity with a mission to make medical communication more engaging, impactful, and effective. I am ready to bring game-changing ideas to help you unleash the power of words and medicine. Many thanks to those who have supported me in this journey, I can’t wait to work with you and start serving the healthcare community and patients.

Jo Ramos

Patent Examiner in Biomedical Engineering - USPTO

I am BEYOND ECSTATIC to finally say I am starting a new position as Patent Examiner in Biomedical Engineering at USPTO!

James Washak

Revenue Management Analyst - British Airways

I landed a dream job as a revenue management analyst at british airways.

Darren Johnson

Scientific and Medical Writer - Flatiron Health

I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as scientific and medical writer at Flatiron Health.

Rhonda Anderson

Head of Talent Development - Southern Research

I started working with you all back in October 2022 and it took me about four months to secure my new role. I actually had two six figure salary offers in the learning and development arena! One was from a prestigious HBCU and the other one was with a scientific research organization. I signed my six figure offer letter for a Head of Talent Development role with the scientific research organization on March 1st. I negotiated and received a $7,500 increase in salary and I also received an increase in my relocation package. I cannot thank you all enough!

Karim Dawkins

R&D Scientist II - Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems, Inc.

I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as R&D Scientist II at Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems, Inc.!

Ryan Hendricks

Project Manager, Rapid Industry Solutions: On-Set Virtual Production - SMPTE

“You will not believe it…..” I got them up another 60K and they changed my title!

Srishti Dasarathy

AI Research Engineer - Lockheed Martin

“Extra thrilled…I now have a fulltime job lined up before I even graduate. Yay! CSA helped me get my internship, 3 fulltime offers, and the offer I wanted at a competitive salary because I had other offers to leverage. All before I even graduated.”